Tasting Flight

Popularity Contest Flight

This flight package has both our best sellers and a great spread of both dry and semi-sweet options. Contains two 50ML bottles of the following flavors: Classic Mead, Whiskey Barrel Aged Mead, Mead With Persian Lime, Mead With Lemon And Hops, Mead With Ginger And Lavender

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About Our Tasting Flight Kits

We don’t actually have a sit-down and hang-out meadery yet – our meadery is on our farm, and because of that we really don’t do much with visitors. Some day, that’ll change, and any way most of you aren’t close enough to take advantage of a meadery here as it stands. But does that mean you shouldn’t be able to try our awesome products? Heck no! So we designed these awesome little Tasting Flight kits for you, and we made three great varieties, each with 2 bottles of 5 different meads, so that you and your spouse/significant other/friend can enjoy together!

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