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A history of Flavor

We fell in love with mead for its history and its flavor. Did you know, for example, that the very word “mead” goes back at least 6,000 years to Proto-Indo European and is basically in every language in Europe as well as Urdu and Hindi? Now you do.

Scott Grzybeck, Co-Founder
Scott Grzybek

Scott loves great food, good strong drinks, and nature. While he worked for other food companies, he fell in love with the beauty and science of food fermentation. After some time, he turned that passion into a business and spent the majority of his professional life running Jacob’s Raw Sauerkrauts, one of the leading fermented food businesses in the East Coast and beyond. After selling the company, he put his mind, taste buds and fermentation expertise back to work in the search for the perfect meads, and thoroughly hopes you enjoy his creations as much as he does.

Carmine Lenzi, Co-Founder
Local Farms

We work with only the best local apiaries and farms to source honey for our mead.

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There are few things more “local” than honey. The flavor of the area’s flowers, crops, trees and grasses give each part - even each part of a state - its own unique flavor, nutrients and body. Plus, as we work with many small apiaries, our commitment to local honey brings business back to our community.

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It may sound weird, but since we work with the best local honey we can find, why overly process and remove the flavor and nutrients of our honey? We promise that our mead is made as nature intended - raw, unfiltered, uncut honey mixed with unchlorinated well water to make a true full flavor authentic mead every time

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Real Ingredients

We cut no corners at Elder’s Cut, so we only use actual ingredients to flavor our authentic meads. That means real fruits, real herbs and flowers, with all their natural goodness and nothing else. Enjoy the bounty of nature as your elders would have found it!

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We love and honor the fact that mead is the world’s original alcohol. That’s why we use the most natural brewing techniques, only whole ingredients, and don’t filter all the taste and body out in a rush for extreme clarity.

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Featured Apiary

River Run Honey & Apiaries

Dee and the team at River Run craft beautiful honey in Shoemakersville Pennsylvania.

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